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Made-by-VTI products highly rated at ICTComm 2023


On June 8th-10th, 2023, VTI participated in ICTComm 2023, centred telecommunications and information communication technology, held at SECC (Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center) in Ho Chi Minh City. The exhibition attracted more than 10,000 visitors from China, Japan, and Korea.

At this year’s ICTComm, VTI showcased services and solutions utilising cutting-edge technologies (AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc.), together with Made-by-VTI products for diverse industries, particularly for Manufacturing. Visitors stopping by our booth got to know how our products work via our representatives and interactive product-experience we offered.

Here are some of Made-by-VTI exhibited at ICTComm 2023:

  • FaceX: A facial recognition attendance management system that utilises AI technology that excels in transparency, accuracy, advanced security, while improving customer experience. Performing face recognition in less than 0.7 seconds with an accuracy of 99.97%, FaceX received “SAO KHUE Award” as “Outstanding Solution in the Software Industry” by VINASA in April 2023.
  • Multi-face: A system that recognises multiple faces (up to 35) simultaneously. In addition to security protection, it contributes to unauthorised intrusion prevention and customer behavior analysis.
  • Manufacturing Execution System MES-X introduced via two demos:
    • Demo 1:
      VTI built a simulation describing his assembly line consisting of 4 steps: 2 machining steps, 1 assembly step and 1 QC step to monitor the quality of each stage. The system is controlled by a Simens PLC and connected to an IoT gateway to collect data on the shop floor and upload it to the MES-X system. HMI screens help users perform monitoring functions and track factory activities and progress in real time.
    • Demo 2:
      A production conveyor belt combined with AI-powered cameras to quickly analyse, identify and classify product defects. Companies can not only manually check products, but also monitor product quality through real-time updated report screens.
Visitors at VTI’s booth
Visitor showing interest in FaceX
Visitor paying attention to live demo
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