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VTI Signed a MOU with YOUNGSHINE D&C to Strengthen Smart Construction Technology Development

mou vti youngshine

On January 22nd, in Korea, VTI Joint Stock Company (VTI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with YOUNGSHINE D&C (YOUNGSHINE) to strengthen cooperation in the field of smart construction technology.

YOUNGSHINE is a leading Korean smart construction technology company established in 1998. VTI is a prominent technology corporation based in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. This agreement between the two companies follows YOUNGSHINE’s strategic push to develop smart construction technology for the “digitalization of construction sites,” and both companies plan to expand their business into the global market through innovative projects.

mou vti youngshine
Mr. Kang Il-hyung – CEO of YOUNGSHINE (L) and Mr. Tran Xuan Khoi – CEO of VTI (R) at the MOU signing ceremony.

The main contents of the MOU are to utilize VTI’s GDC (Global Development Center) to solve the problem of domestic IT developer shortage; discover innovative R&D projects related to smart construction, and jointly target the global market through cooperation in sales and marketing.

The two companies have partnered to develop construction automation solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, security solutions using CCTV, and AI model development for construction site risk detection. This MOU signifies their ongoing commitment to research and apply advanced technologies to improve productivity and safety at construction sites.

mou vti youngshine
The CEOs of the two companies discussed.

In an interview, Mr. Kang Il-hyung, CEO of YOUNGSHINE, emphasized VTI’s technical capabilities and the importance of this cooperation. “Vietnam has been an attractive outsourcing destination. After collaborating with VTI, I also recognize that Vietnam has a wealth of skilled engineers capable of applying advanced technology. With the high-tech nature of YOUNGSHINE’s products, the company is completely confident in partnering with VTI for projects that incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as AI.” He also shared, “Through this MOU, YOUNGSHINE will strengthen its competitiveness in the domestic market and, at the same time, seek opportunities to enter the global market.”

Mr. Tran Xuan Khoi, CEO of VTI, said, “Through this agreement, we have secured the opportunity to enter the Korean offshoring market and provide high-quality services.” He added, “Through developing various smart construction solutions with YOUNGSHINE, we will expand our reach not only in the Korean market but also in the global market.”

mou vti youngshine
The MOU signing ceremony was successfully organized at YOUNGSHINE’s office in Korea.

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